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Treated myself to some self care and pampering, a a really fantastic massage and reiki with the knowledgeable Ana Laura Quesada -AMARA Healing Therapies at her house, beautiful & peaceful space, Ana is so knowledgeable and present, weaving together bodywork, Reiki, crystals, mantras and tuning forks to clear and reset my energy.... Highly recommend! Gracias Ana!

Ana Laura is quite the unique individual and spirit full of love, truth, fun, and earth support. It was a blessing to stay with her at the Anamaya Resort and to indulge in the magic of her Watsu massage in the tide pools. Being surrounded by the ocean and perfectly supported with a weightless feeling massage was just heavenly. I'll be exploring her services on the next retreat I offer down that way!

Everything about this technique was powerful and spiritual! From the unique location in a volcanic tidal pool on the beach in Costa Rica to the clear guidance and body work from Anna Laura. This technique brought me to the essence of my spirit and allowed me to feel a deeper connection to mother earth. It triggered a part of me that I only feel when I am at peace with myself. Anna Laura's healing energy was very relaxing and comforting. I highly recommend this for anyone interested in their well being.

I consider myself pretty knowledgeable about different types of bodywork and treatments, but I'd never had, nor even heard of Watsu, before meeting Ana Laura. This therapy is so much more than bodywork. It's an emotional and spiritual cleanse while receiving thai massage-like stretches and movements within a tide pool. 
The location couldn't be more amazing. You will be floating in a tide pool, a natural pool formed at low tide with the palm trees and blue sky all around you. While you are held, cradled and stretched by Ana Laura, you hear the sound of the ocean, the birds, the wind. 
Ana Laura is so skilled at this work. She holds such a strong space for you to unwind, feel, and be. Her energy is incredibly nurturing and supportive. For me, the experience was highly emotional. I laughed and cried until the emotional waves just blended into joy and awe at the beauty of life. Do not miss this incredible experience!

This is definitely the best massage I have had in my life! I came to Amara healing therapies with my shoulders completely blocked and tight and my neck like brick stone and after an hour with Ana Laura I was completely healed! She has an amazing gift! It was truly an incredible experience! Much love and blessing to you Ana Laura!

I have put off experiencing a lot of things in this life...Mainly from fear of something new and different.
But this therapy is something I wish I'd experienced my whole life. I will be back for another session for sure...
More please!!!Ana is a fantastic therapist who offers a wide range of healing knowledge and offers many types of therapies, she really has a healing touch. 
She is a natural healer who incorporates nature, the ocean, the tidal pools, the sounds of nature and breathing in a way that resonates with the rhythm and frequencies of the body in a fluid way that words don't do enough to describe
Its a true re birthing experience in water...The source of all life
I highly recommend and suggest that anyone who finds themselves in Montezuma or has plans on going there, puts any reservations aside and allows themselves to experience something truly life changing.Thank you Ana for your graciousness and in finding your calling as a healer...
Blessings....Heal on!

Ana is a wonderful healer who offered a soothing touch and a sense of support during my first Thai massage experience. As a bodyworker myself, I am amazed at the way my hips and back felt during and after the session.

If you've never had a Thai massage I highly recommend this type of healing as it's very complimentary to other types

of bodywork. The warm caring energy Ana radiates makes the experience that much more enticing. Pura vida !

I've been getting deep tissue massages every month for about 5 years and over the years I have tried other types including some Thai couples practices taught by my yoga teacher, but I had never really had a full Thai massage until  I got one from Ana, this was the best massage I have ever had in my life!! I felt totally amazing afterward.

My muscles felt like butter and I was energized all at once. I floated out of the massage room totally drunk on all the feel-good energy buzzing through my body. I highly recommend Ana - she's an incredible massage therapist. I wish

I could have taken her home with me!


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